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Why do people buy your product or service?

When you scratch the surface you might be shocked to discover that people buy your product or service for reasons that you weren’t even aware of. You see, people buy for emotional reasons and back it up with rational reasons - so if you know both the emotional and the rational reasons why people buy your product, it will make your marketing so much easier.   Read more...
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Your thinking makes a difference

A message on a cafe window in Buenos Aires a while back is headed - Anticrisis 2009. "Just get over the whole global meltdown scenario”, it was saying to me, "and let’s get on with life!” Compare this sentiment to that of a group of people I recently overheard in conversation. To a person, they were lamenting the state of the world today.   Read more...
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Corinne Torres
Why Procrastination is an alert system you need to listen to

In the beginning, those three magic words, "work from home” were music to your ears. As a business owner, freedom of choice can be your biggest opportunity or your biggest challenge. For many, the problem is that those tasks you are now avoiding still need to be done if you are to run a successful business!   Read more...
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The hope of the magic lottery ticket

Entrepreneurial hope is essential. It gets us over the hump and through the dip. There's a variety of this hope, though, that's far more damaging than helpful. This is the hope of the magic lottery ticket. A fledgling entrepreneur ambushes a venture capitalist who just appeared on a panel. "Excuse me," she says, then launches into a two,   Read more...
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Lisa Murray
Business owners challenge: Manager or Practitioner?

One of the most common challenges I see with practitioners and technicians who own a business is that they actually love being the practitioner! All of the beautiful advice from the e-Myth stands completely at odds with their greatest strengths and desires. So what to do? The secret is to design your business in such a way that you can continue to do what you love   Read more...
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Is your personal online image ruining your business prospects?

Technology has certainly provided many advantages and short-cuts to doing business; there is absolutely no question about it. Potential customers overseas, interstate and locally can purchase from you following a simple online search, with the potential to grow your business and profits beyond your wildest dreams. The other opportunity technology has provided is to network online via blogs,   Read more...
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Building a better business relationship

The most stabilising force behind any business is 'Networking' or 'Business Relationship Building'. I prefer to use the words 'business relationship marketing', 'word of mouth marketing' or 'business relationship building' as people around the world often relate the word 'networking' with either multi-level marketing or interconnected computer systems.   Read more...
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Lisa Murrray
How to complete your goals with ease

Are you struggling with a target you have set, or finding you just aren’t making any progress on a project that’s important to your business success? The bigger the dream, the harder it can be to get moving… Here’s a few simple tips that will make today productive for you!   Read more...
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7 top tips for producing copywriting that sells

When marketing products and services on your website, we all know that good copywriting sells. Great copywriting, however, will take your business to heights you never thought possible. Unfortunately, being a brilliant business mind doesn’t automatically make you an adequate copywriter, so here are some tips to put your business firmly on the path to success.   Read more...
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Angela Maiers

12 must have "habitudes" for Social Media Success

a large number of people still believe that Social Media is about the tools you choose and the content you create. ... read more

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