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Jaeneen Cunningham
Investing in Social Capital - the power of generosity

Helping another person simply because you can, with no thought of repayment, is powerful an investment in Social Capital. Generosity is the driver of reciprocity. Reciprocity is a powerful human social norm   Read more...
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Chris Dale
3 tips to create a brand experience in your business

how does small business get in on the “brand experience” action without the million dollar price tag?. Here are a few tips….   Read more...
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Monique Beedles
Thinking ahead: Questions to ask yourself as you prepare for 2011

Christmas trees are in the shops and parties are being planned. Before we get too carried away with the festive cheer, it's a good time to stop and think ahead about the coming year. You might think of this in terms of your business, your company, your career, your personal development, or all of the above.   Read more...
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Harry Goldstein
Get ahead - get a mentor

A good mentor can make the difference between average results and outstanding results. It’s well documented that most successful people throughout history have had mentors.   Read more...
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Ingrid Cliff
Can you name the top 5 reasons people buy from you?

A common problem with many businesses is they don’t know what makes them different/better than their competitors. You ask them and they fluff around with vague words such as we give better quality, our team is friendlier or more responsive. Ho hum – yawn.   Read more...
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Chris Dale
6 Key steps to creating a great tagline

Creating taglines that stick in the mind of the consumer is not an easy task. Especially for small businesses that may not have the resources to use an advertising or specialist branding agency.   Read more...

Simon Dell
The power of a sausage wrapped in bread

Many businesses have just got to the stage they’re at by a natural cycle of word of mouth marketing, spurned by quality customer service, large personal networks, good products, applicable pricing, market opportunities and so on. In other words, they were in the right place at the right time.   Read more...
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Steve Major
Establishing savvy KPI's

If we measure what matters in a business then it gives us the framework and clarity upon which we can lead the business, or the organisation. The right metrics are critical to making smart decisions. Unfortunately, too many times in our organisations we are measuring the wrong thing.   Read more...

Jaeneen Cunningham
Follow-up or fail

It’s hard to believe in a world so competitive that someone would not follow-up and help cement a relationship with a new contact. However it’s generally argued that about 95 percent of all new business meetings are not followed up on   Read more...
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Simon Dell
How to understand your brand

I’ve run workshops were we analyse the behaviour of a brand in order to understand how it would engage in its marketplace, but this one was different, and so we took a different approach: we actually took the step of turning the brand into an actual person   Read more...
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Angela Maiers

12 must have "habitudes" for Social Media Success

a large number of people still believe that Social Media is about the tools you choose and the content you create. ... read more

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