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Library: Make your business easy to talk about


by Chris Dale

I recently gave a talk to a networking group of small business owners on conversation marketing. As I waited in the foyer before my presentation, I listened to each business owner introduce themselves and their businesses to the rest of the group. Each and every person gave long-winded introductions and Im certain that none of them were able to remember anything about the businesses that attended. It was interesting as it highlighted a key point of my presentation. Make YOU easy to talk about.

Ultimately marketing is about grabbing a place in the mind of the consumer. How can we do this in a simple way? By giving a simple answer to the question, "what do you do?. During my talk, I challenged the group to give an answer using six words that included the following:

1. The key benefit of their business.

2. What customers can expect from their business.

Its not easy but if you can do it then you make it easier for clients, friends and family to generate conversations about your business. For the record, my 6 words for MarketingHQ were helping businesses grow through effective marketing". As you can see it is possible and by simplifying and communicating your 6 words to others you are on your way to generating more conversations about your business.

Chris Dale

Chris Dale is the Managing Director of Sydney based marketing consultancy, MarketingHQ. He is a Certified Practising Marketer from the Australian Marketing Institute and provides small businesses with marketing advice to help their businesses grow. Fill in the sign up form at to receive a new marketing idea straight to your inbox every week.



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