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Library: 5 point approach to lasting motivation


by Jeff Allen

The Artificial never lasts and the Real never dies. True motivation will never leave you.

The problem most people have is they get fired up over something that excites them in the moment and they lose interest just as quickly. The implications of this are many.

Do you find some days you are on fire and others you struggle even to do what’s necessary? What would you create and how good would life be if you had an inner consistent feeling of natural enthusiasm for life and all its daily events – positive and otherwise?

Five Point Approach to Lasting Motivation

  1. Discover who you are, really. When we put aside roles, responsibilities and labels what is left? Who are you when you are not being ‘someone’? I use a process to elicit Deep Values that align my clients to their greater purpose.
  2. Challenge yourself to create a Vision/Mission/Goal that is worthy of your existence in this lifetime. What have you been put on planet earth to do?
  3. Decide to become what you want to be and to have what you desire by letting go of past experiences, programming and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  4. Read the books, attend the seminars/webinars, go to the workshops, work with practitioners, learn about yourself and change behaviour one step at a time.
  5. Create Belief that you too can have what is intended for you to manifest.

See it – Believe it. The psychology behind breaking the Vision down into bite size pieces is that we can achieve the objective if we first convince the unconscious mind. To do this we need to have a specific, meaningful and realistic (with a stretch) goal or vision. Based on our level of commitment and time available to put into it, we break the vision down into tangible steps that we absolutely believe we can achieve. If you don’t have the belief, choose a smaller step that will take you in the direction of the mission you wish to accomplish. When we continually achieve small steps we convince the unconscious mind that we are succeeding.

We all need wins to maintain momentum – one of the biggest mistakes in our society is we set too big a goal and become disillusioned when we don’t get it. It is one of the most common reasons for people losing motivation.

Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen has delivered Coaching, Training and Seminars for the last 15 years to individuals and groups. His clients include Accor Premiere Vacation Club, Harvey Norman Retailing, Remax Property Associates and TAFE college. Jeff is a Certified Life Coach and Myers-Briggs Profiler; a Consultant and Trainer and practitioner in the Psychology of Selves; NLP Master Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, Emotional Freedom Practitioner and Certified Telephone Counsellor. Contact Jeff or see more details at



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