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Library: Contributing Author Guidelines


Are you a professional, writing articles to demonstrate your expertise?

Integr8 would like to hear from you. We can assist you to connect with other business owners and professionals and with your customers more effectively. We are always looking for quality, well written business pieces that would interest our audience.

How do I submit articles?

Quality applications from potential contributors are always welcome as we publish regularly. You can expect prompt acknowledgement of your application and advice upon its publication if accepted. We may also feature your article in our newsletter - Articul8 which is distributed to our membership on an ad hoc basis.

We ask potential contributors to send articles which comply with our guidelines. All articles must have a business or professional development focus and should, as a guide, fit broadly into the definition of social capital. Example categories are:

Networking, Networks and communities
Relationship Building
Goals and Goal setting
Reciprocation and Generosity
Personal and Business Development

In general however, we will always consider well written articles in your area of expertise if it is interesting and relevant to our audience.

Article guide

Articles should be around 400 to 600 words per piece. Longer articles may be published if they represent value in the context of our site and audience. Article length dictates that they be "to-the-point” but we expect that they will also be affable and upbeat. All spelling is Australian-English.

What we want

We are looking for pieces from contributors that have experience that is interesting and relevant to business owners and professionals. Your article should present sufficient information to the reader and either reach a conclusion or pose a question that encourages thought or further action (preferably discussion via comments). While we give preference to Integr8 members we are pleased to publish authors who are active and enthusiastic members of the business and professional community. (Not yet a member? Click here to join)

A footer at the bottom of each article will fully attribute you as the author and provide a link back to your website or other URL as you specify (please click here for article and profile example) and include a brief professional bio.

What we don’t want

In a nutshell we don’t want articles that are not business or professionally related. We are unable to accept articles which discuss topics that are irrelevant to our audience. We also cannot accept articles that are really just advertising. Rather than blatantly plug your business offering, your article should demonstrate your knowledge. Remember, the point of "article marketing” is to deploy the 'attraction marketing' principle, where your expertise is evident, but not obtrusive.

Articles complying with our guidelines can be sent in MS Word or PDF format (preferred) to:

Paul Cunningham
Website Editor

Please do not hesitate to call or email to discuss if necessary. We look forward to hearing from you!



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