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Executive Village

If we all came to the table expecting to be fed it will be a famine. If we all bring something to eat, it will be a feast.

Imagine belonging to a professional organisation that strives to support your needs, your challenges, your personal and professional development.
Helping others to achieve offers you a powerful sense of self worth. There are few things more fulfilling than helping some one else accomplish their goals. We do this without expectation of return but in reality, the returns are tenfold. The real power of effective networks is that generosity attracts generosity

Social Capital is the currency of connections. Its what you earn when you network with a spirit of generosity. It's the investment you make and the resource you draw from. Social capital is so effective because it leverages your other capital, putting your physical and human resources in touch with others who amplify it.

 "We should not only use all the brains we have, but all that we can borrow".
  -Woodrow Wilson

Integr8 is based in the values of Reciprocity. This philosophy allows you to get information, find resources, solve problems and discover opportunities by tapping into the expertise and contacts of the people within your circle.

Membership in The Executive Village gives you the opportunity to make requests of the collective knowledge of the entire group. In return, you  respond when you can, and help others with their requests. This extends beyond those who may help you directly - it includes everyone in the group.

Advocating Social Capital
Members take ownership of the group, selectively seeking out others who have a passion for connecting and who are keen to grow and (importantly) give to new relationships. The more diverse the membership; the more innovative; the more we can grow. 
Supporting One Another
Like so many other professionals, you are busy working all day and sometimes night. You might be engaged in further study, serving on boards and committees and trying to balance the needs of your family. Often you have little time to develop and foster new friendships. We encourage members to support one another to this end. Forming friendships with like minded people who understand and support each other can be very rare. This group fills that void and is fundamental to the development of social capital.

Annual Membership of Executive Village is only $550.00 per annum (GST Inc)

This group is your invitation to engage and participate in a shift to a new standard. It offers the concept of networks and social capital as a mode of behaviour and a method of contribution. It offers you the opportunity to make your world and the world of others a better place by building networks, connecting the unconnected and linking the unlinked.

If our philosophies resonate with your thinking and you would like to be a part of our community, we would love to welcome the opportunity to have you as a member.

Join us and benefit from The Company of Others.

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"Jaeneen is always very passionate about the benefits of networking and colloboration. She is personable, encouraging, motivated and committed to making groups as successful and beneficial as possible. " Susan Carter
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