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integr8: Social capital survey

Social Capital: How connected are we?

When a group of neighbours informally keeps an eye out for each other's homes, that's social capital. When you stop to pick up a bottle in the street that someone else dropped to keep other passers-by safe, that's social capital too. And when a friend doesn't think twice about bumping your resume to the top of the pile to improve your chances of a job, that's social capital also. So too are e-mail exchanges among members of a cancer and other recovering support groups.  Social capital can be found in friendship networks, neighborhoods, churches, schools, sporting clubs, civic associations, and even pubs, as Robert Putnam, author of "Bowling Alone" tells us, the motto in Cheers "where everybody knows your name" captures one important aspect of social capital.

The Integr8 Social Capital Survey*

By completing this survey, you're helping us to understand how connected we are with the people and community around us.  Not only does it help us understand social capital more, it may even get you thinking more about your personal and professional circumstances, giving  you some insight into your own social capital. 
Once you have completed the survey, we welcome any feedback about aspects of the survey and any changes in the way you see connections in your life, community and work.

Thank you for your time.
Click here to take the Social Capital Survey

*Questions in this survey with permisison Paul Bullen - Management Alternatives. "Measuring Social Capital in 5 Communities (1998, 2005)"




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