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integr8: What we do

The structure of your personal and business networks influences almost everything you do - where you find resources, how you solve problems and how you get information. The ability to understand, influence, shape and interact with these networks adds powerfully to your ability to achieve. Without this ability, resources can remain hidden, out of reach or remote.

Integr8 teaches you to connect through networks but foremost, we help you understand Social Capital: How you build and use it. We teach this to individuals, to organisations and to business through;
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Angela Maiers

12 must have "habitudes" for Social Media Success

a large number of people still believe that Social Media is about the tools you choose and the content you create. ... read more

"Jaeneen is always engaging, extremely well prepared and a high quality presenter and facilitator. From an event organiser's point of view - she is a pleasure to work with" Joanne Nyland
Griffith University