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integr8: Networking Facilitation

Could your next professional gathering, industry or trade event do with a few more raving fans?

Don't assume your attendees are adept and experienced networkers. Experience tells us they probably aren't. Even the most senior businesspeople tell us they struggle with fundamental networking parlance.

Engaging an experienced and practiced Networking facilitator at your event, who graciously acts like the host
at a dinner party, will ensure everyone has a more engaging and memorable experience. They will leave, telling
everyone how great the night was, about the range of fantastic people they met and you, as the
event organiser, would have an army of raving fans, extolling the virtues of your organisation, seeking return visits, memberships and other bankable benefits.

Itís a self-evident marketing axiom that when people enjoy themselves they tell everyone: word of
mouth is a powerful marketing tool. When you eat at a great restaurant, or see a great movie or
read a great book, you are bursting with enthusiasm to tell others.

So... could your next event do with a few more raving fans?




Angela Maiers

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"Jaeneen is a business dynamo, with a natural talent for networking and generating ideas. After meeting with her you feel energised, refreshed and optimistic." Scott Charlton
Fortnum Financial