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Welcome: Integr8 Professional


"Here's an idea. Imagine belonging to a group where everyone thought about you and your needs: Where the focus is to find solutions to your problems, resources for your projects, and answers to your questions.".

Integr8 is that group: a community of business people who seek to create success through mutual respect, trust and generosity.

‘Other-centered’ conversations are the norm when Integr8 members get together – conversations that are the touchstone for solutions, innovation, collaboration, new directions, ‘Aha!’ moments.

Integr8 builds connections with like-minded peers with whom you share interests, experiences and solutions at a more meaningful level - connections that extend beyond monthly meetings.

Experience what happens when a diverse group with a broad skill-set and a generous attitude cooperates in an environment that fosters the well-being of each person. This is social capital - the currency of connections - in action

Embrace a new standard, build real connections. Join us and benefit from the Company of Others.




Angela Maiers

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"Jaeneen is always engaging, extremely well prepared and a high quality presenter and facilitator. From an event organiser's point of view - she is a pleasure to work with" Joanne Nyland
Griffith University